How many days can a man alive if he drinks only water?

How many days can a man alive if he drinks only water?

you ever heard of the practice of water fasting? Well, it’s a type of fasting
that restricts everything but water. Most people only water fast for up to 72
hours, but what if you did it for the rest of your life? You might think that
would be nice, right? No No, yes, not so much. If you think you are going to
stay alive by drinking only clean water, what will your condition be? Have you
thought about it before?



  I thought that when I drank water. I
will tell you how many days you can stay alive by drinking nothing but water.
 Yes, everyone knows that water is very important for human beings. When I
say very important, I mean so essential. Your own body is 60% water. It is a
big part of our body. Now drinking water can have very large facilities. It can
reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and even certain types of cancer.
 Sounds good, right?



 Do you think you’d be willing to try this
water-only diet? Well, I like your energy. But I’m sorry to say, there’s bad
news for you.  You will receive 70 days. Start your diet with just water
and you’ll feel good. But how many days will you begin to feel hunger and
anger, or as the scientific community calls it, hunger? This is because your
body will run out of glucose supply.



is your body’s main source of energy and it stores it when you eat
carbohydrates. But now that you’ve stopped eating, your body will be desperate
for the next glucose hit. Maybe it could lose 2 kg (4.4 pounds) every day. This
is due to the double whammy of dehydration and electrolyte imbalance.  So
what happens next? Your body will have adapted to the lack of food and would be
in a state of ketosis.



 This is where your body begins to break down
fat for energy instead of glucose. You might even feel a little better, but make
no mistake.  You are a wounded unit. Now, the more fat stores you have,
the longer you will survive. But when all the fat is gone, you’ll have nothing
left to break down but muscle.



 And in case you forgot, your heart is an organ
made up of muscles. It can be incredibly dangerous. When the heart runs out of
fuel, the pulse and blood pressure stagnate.  This is because he can no
longer pump blood normally. All of your proteins will be broken down at this
point and you will barely be able to think.



 It’s because you’re starving. Your
gastrointestinal system will be destroyed. It would cause stomach upset,
vomiting, and my favorite bacterial infections.  Things would get even
worse. His body would be in a state of malnutrition and he would feel weaker than
ever. You can expect various health issues such as dizziness, headaches, and
difficulty concentrating.



the days passed, you continued to deteriorate. You will experience more severe
symptoms such as extreme fatigue, rapid weight loss, and muscle atrophy. You
will also have to worry about serious health issues like kidney failure or
sepsis. You don’t look too good. You would be extremely weak and unable to do
much on your own.



 You would also be at high risk of death from
organ failure or infection. Did you know that most people don’t die of
starvation, but of infectious diseases? Yes, your immune system suffers because
you are perpetually starving yourself due to vitamin and mineral deficiency.



become vulnerable to numerous harmful pathogens as a result. You are unlikely
to survive much longer on a water-only diet. He was said to be severely
malnourished and recovering from a greatest hits compilation in poor health.
 But hey, you did it! And we’ll send the doctors right away.


How many days can a man alive if he drinks only water?

it? Well, no, not really. An all-water diet cannot be maintained over time.
Maintaining excellent health requires a balanced diet. It’s a bit fascinating,
isn’t it? Despite being on the verge, you have reached 70 days.



 If the human body is so resilient, what else
can we try?  So what can we do? Max 70 days!! Yes, then die! Die! Die?
Someone may be alive, but they won’t be healthy and good. But the exceptional
cannot be counted. So, are you interested in the drinking mission?


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