About Us

Everything you need to build your life will be a small arrangement of janabujha.com. Just as the story of life continues little by little, the family wishes to continue in the same way.
We know, hear, see, and read different information every day. But can all information have a positive impact on our lives?
 No, can’t. Because we read, hear, see, and know the information but do not really understand it If one really understands then the wrong action should not happen anymore. And the importance of information in our lives does not need to be reiterated.
Information affects our laughter, tears, well-being, advantages, and disadvantages in all activities related to life. So we intend to help people by providing accurate information while knowing, hearing, and seeing. We are also committed to helping people live their lives wisely.
A person’s basic rights (food, clothing, shelter, education, medical care) must be fulfilled. How can we stay healthy, what food should we eat, how can we be happy, how should we spend our income, why should we follow religious rules, etc. 
We can manage our life properly by solving various questions related to life. And this requires proper knowledge. The effort to awaken that knowledge within oneself is the effort of man for man. So the effort to know will be – the opening of the prayer of human liberation through knowledge.
Man can fulfill his wants only when he knows how to fulfill his wants, and for that, he must know what to do. And success will come only then.
One of the objectives of our education is that we who are now students can build a proper and successful life through proper education. Because we all know that this world and the hereafter accept the successful and reject the unsuccessful.
 So success should be our only desire. And real success will come when one sharpens his knowledge through reading and knowingly applies that knowledge. It’s the little things in life that sometimes make a great life. 
And to do those things properly, the members of the knowledge themselves read, know, and try to understand. The journey of Janabujha.com started with the success of that effort. 
We are moving forward with the conviction to build our own better and more successful lives. And because we are few in that journey, let’s make a beautiful world by participating.